We know a thing or two.....

because we've seen a thing or two

Digital agriculture and IoT
Led the product development and go to market strategy; developed the cloud distribution strategy to scale offering; Led negotiations to closing multinational contracts with major ag OEMs and retailers. 
Large scale manufacturing
Developed high growth strategies at one of the biggest industrial packaging manufacturer in the Arabian Gulf; led strategic contracts with key multinational consumer goods companies; built 3 new manufacturing facilities in 2 countries.
Global consumer branding
Drove expanded distribution into Eastern Europe for a global Danish paints and coatings company; launched brands in big box DIY outlets throughout China. Negotiated licensing agreements in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Global distribution
Led multi-country dealer distribution strategies for the biggest construction equipment manufacturer in the world.

Productisation and Scaling

Led the transition from a project based to a product based geospatial business start up. This was the driving force for scalability and repeatability in the technology sector.