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Waypoint Consulting Services

Deciding to engage with a consultant can be a difficult decision for a company owner or manager. Entrepreneurs will often consider that no one will know their business better than they do. And very often they are correct until their business hits unexpected growth or does the opposite and does not make the traction they thought it would.


Entrepreneurs are often too consumed by the potential of their business to see the weak points and their employees may not always want to contradict the boss. So an outside opinion can help contextualise the situation clearly.


At Waypoint we are specialists and are objective. We work daily in an environment of change and progress and bring to our clients a set of skill and experiences that can help make the right strategic decisions for the business.


These could include:


  • Am I structured properly to scale my business?

  • How do we improve adoption rates for our products?

  • How do I achieve the growth I need?

  • What is the most effective funding route for my business?

Waypoint can assist you in a variety of ways:

Business Consulting

Is generally issue or project driven consulting.   Our role often asks the “tough” questions and then helps the business owners to figure out the next steps. We will meet to understand and scope the project, its aims and challenges.  We will then implement the workflow process.The workflow program will include periodic reviews and meetings where we review the performance of the company and the project together.  

Strategic Consulting

Helps set the waypoints for direction. It focuses on helping business owner select the right tactics for success.  We will establish with the owner where the company wants to go, we’ll help set out the plans on how to get there, and we’ll put in place the metrics to let them know  if the strategy was successful.